Breaching humpback whale

  • By Freyr Antonsson
  • 12.06.2016

June is usually the best month to experience the breaching humpback whale. This early part of june has not disappointed with many sightings of a breaching humpback whales. Sometimes they are far away but occasionally very close to the boat. Most often they breach one, two or three times but we had one the other day breaching 38 times and was still at it when we turned home from a brilliant whale watching tour. When it is just one or two times people are usually not ready to capture it on camera. But when it strikes 38 times you sure will be ready at least one time. But we can never guarantee you will experience it but if you go out 10 times in june you should be able to see it one time. We had three day in a row where we saw them breaching but two of these occasions were far away from the boat. check out this post on Facebook for a great pictures of 38 times breaching humpback whale here in Dalvik close to Akureyri north Iceland.