Grimsey Arctic Island from Dalvik

Cross the Arctic Circle on this Puffin Paradise Adventure

Have you ever wanted to cross the Arctic circle? Well, this is your chance!

You will sail over to Grimsey Island where you will be able to cross over the arctic circle and experience the local culture. The Island is a puffin paradise, as it receives an abundance of puffins every summer.  Only about one hundred people live in Grimsey Island but around one million seabirds. 
The guided tour gives you extra insight into the life of people living on Grimsey Island. You will be guided through the best bird watching areas, get stories about the locals, the nature and the lively hood of the inhabitants of this remote island. This tour is full of wildlife and fascinating stories!

The tour starts with the ferry Sæfari at 09:00 in Dalvik and you will arrive at the island at around 12:00. Starting with a light lunch as you breathe the fresh air of the arctic circle. Then off you go with your guide to experience this beautiful and remote Island. After finishing the tour you will again get a light refreshment as you take in that silence and unspoiled nature you experienced before.

The ferry then leaves at 16:00 and arrives in Dalvik at 19:00. Come join us and get a certificate saying you have gone across the arctic circle.

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10 hours


Jun - Aug

Age limit

0 years


24 900

What is included

  • Return ticket to Grímsey Island with the ferry

  • Guided tour while on the island

  • A certificate that you crossed the Arctic Circle

  • A light lunch

  • A stop at one of the best bird watching areas in Iceland

  • Seeing the work of the locals

  • Meet the locals