Whale Watching From Dalvik & Northern Lights from Akureyri

Whale Watching & The Aurora Borealis in the North of Iceland

Whale Watching and Northern Lights Exploring in the North of Iceland is an incredible combo tour offering you the absolute best of the North. Imagine finding yourself so close to the Arctic Circle that the Northern Lights shine brighter and the whale watching tours offer many different types of whales. It can be said without any hesitant that the North of Iceland is the Whale and Northern Lights paradise of Iceland so this is fabulous way to explore the North in Winter.

Meet us in Dalvík, a charming and authentic fishing village in Eyjafjörður, get geared up and jump on board one of our two wooden boats. There is something Viking-like to the way we sail and the adventure starts right then and there. As we sail out from the fjord you will have views of the towering snow powdered mountains on both sight and a charismatic bright orange lighthouse that has been guiding the local fishermen for decades. The expert guides, who have chosen their job due to their endless love for the ocean giants, will tell you all about the vigorous whales and point out as soon as they start appearing. Often our biggest worry is whom to visit first!

The most common sight is the Humpback Whale but Minke Whales, Orcas, Blue Whales, Fin Whales and Porpoises are also frequent. The Humpbacks are known as the most playful of the whales as well as being extremely curious often coming all the way up to the boats, jumping up in the air and flapping their tails around us.

After have enjoying the company of the acrobatic cetaceans we take out our fishing rods and try to catch some fresh cod or haddock to BBQ when we get back to the base. There is nothing quite like the taste of your own freshly caught fish - simply delicious!

Searching for the Northern Lights

For the second part of the tour you will meet us on location again, this time in Akureyri for a professionally guided tour of the Northern Lights. Catching the Northern Lights in the absolute best element is a well thought out process and the skillful guides will take care of all of that for you!

The Northern lights or Aurora Borealis as they are often referred to appear as rowdy waves across the Arctic Sky lighting up the otherwise pitch black atmosphere creating the most unimaginable experience and surely something you will never forget!

After a night of the frolic Northern Lights dancing in all their unbelievably beautiful colors, you will be taken back to the pick up located.


~6 hours



Age limit

No age limit



Tour highlights

  • Whale watching tour

  • Sea Angling & BBQ

  • English Speaking Licensed Adventure Guide

  • Refreshments

  • Hot drink and Icelandic refreshment

  • Guided Northern Lights Tour