Whale Watching and Northern Lights from Reykjavík

See the majestic whales around Iceland and gaze at magnificent auroras

Iceland, the volcanic island in the North is located so close to the Arctic Circle that many believe it to be the best place to witness the Northern Lights. Add to this fact the fantastic variety of whales that enjoy the waters of the Atlantic ocean and you have yourself the perfect winter combo tour.

Whale Watching and Northern Lights in Reykjavík starts at the delightful old harbour downtown in Reykjavík characterized by small boats, colorful houses and splendid views. There you will meet your knowledge Whale Watching guide who will be there to tell you all there is to know about these fascinating creatures. The adventure begins as we take off from the harbour sailing North. The spectacular views around you are of bright yellow lighthouses and Reykjavík from whole new angle including the majestic Harpa Musical hall.

The guide will start by telling you all about the wildlife in the area and will point at as soon as the whales start popping up. The feeling when you see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, breaching, jumping and slapping their tails and fins is something you will never forget. It often seems as if the whales, especially the Humpbacks, are simply showing off. Their outstanding acrobatic skills and the way they often approach the boats gives you an excellent opportunity to admire these noble animals and start to get to know them. After enjoying their company we will start heading back to the city, again, giving you sublime views of the capital.

Searching for the Northern Lights

Now you will have plenty of time to explore Reykjavík’s center, go shopping or grab dinner before being picked up again for the Aurora adventure. You will be picked up at your pre-chosen location by the Northern Lights expert guides and they will take you to a prime location to view the lights.

When the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis start appearing in the black Arctic Sky you are unquestionably in for a visual treat. The colorful waves, that at this moment rule the sky, dance around sometimes in multiple colors, forming all kinds of shapes and bringing out an instant admiration. The Auroras truly are one of Mother Nature’s best work!

The tour guides will take complimentary photos of you with the lights, capturing the moment and making sure you have different ways to treasure this memory. After having enjoyed the lights we head back into the city where the guides will safely drive you to A pre-chosen Northern lights watching location.

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  • Whale watching tour

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  • Guided northern lights minibus tour

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