Whale Watching & the Beer Spa in North Iceland

One of Iceland's Best Whale Watching Spots & Relax in a Hot Tub Full of Local Craft Beer

This tour is the perfect way to enjoy an authentic Icelandic experience, blending delicious frothy glasses of Iceland’s finest beer, with the chance to see the gentle giants that call the Atlantic Ocean home. The first part of the tour takes place in Dalvik, renowned across Iceland for being one of the best places to see these majestic creatures of the deep. We have a 98% success rate, meaning that you are almost certain to see whales or dolphins during the course of the tour. This is followed by a hearty fresh fish dinner and the chance to soak in a bubbling bath of fermenting ale, whose yeast is famed for its healing properties. This coupled with the chance to enjoy a refreshing tankard of delicious Icelandic beer, ensures that this is the ideal tour for beer and wildlife lovers alike.

Tour Description

Whale Watching

Dalvik is a small village that looks out onto the beautiful Eyjafjordur, a gorgeous destination famed for its imposing mountains, navy blue waters and the incredible marine species that call the place home. The most popular of these is unquestionably the gargantuan humpback whale, one of the largest mammalian species on the planet. If you are really lucky, you will see this massive animal propel itself out of the water as it breaches the surface and backflips back into the ocean’s depths. We also often see other whale species, including white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, and small harbor porpoises. Killer whales and Blue whales are occasionally seen in the area, meaning that it is possible that we will see the largest creature to ever exist on planet earth! We see something on 98% of our tours, nigh on guaranteeing that you will get to be up close and personal with some of the world’s most majestic creatures. We will also do a spot of angling, allowing you to partake in one of Iceland’s most ancient industries.

After the whale watching has finished, we will enjoy a delicious fish barbeque, using freshly caught cod, haddock, pollock or Atlantic catfish: the perfect time to reflect on what we have seen amidst yet more stunning beauty. This tour is ideal for people who want to see some of the world’s most magnificent creatures in the flesh be they young or old.

The Beer Spa

From there we will head to one of Iceland’s newest attractions: the beer spa, which is located in Arskogssandur. There, visitors have the chance to soak in a hot tub brimming with fermenting young beer, famous for the health benefits that it brings. This can be enjoyed alongside a glass of frothy Icelandic beer (that hasn’t been sat in), making it ideal for beer lovers. The entire spa experience lasts around 25 minutes, although the company recommends that you avoid showering for as long as possible, to maximize the prospective health benefits. We recommend spending this time next to the bar, sampling some delicious award-winning Icelandic ales. This slightly eccentric place is ideal for beer lovers, who want to have a truly unique spa experience.

Please note that the legal drinking age in Iceland is 20, meaning that only visitors above that age will be able to drink. Younger visitors can enjoy the spa experience, although children under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by an adult.

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Tour highlights

  • Whale Watching from Dalvik

  • Beer Spa in Arskogssandur

  • Tours in North Iceland

  • Sea Angling

  • Barbecue Tasting

  • One of Iceland's Best Whale Watching Places

  • Kaldi Beer

  • Taste Local Craft Beer

How to get there

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