Whale Watching in Grundarfjörður

Orcas, Dolphins & Mt. Kirkjufell

On this tour, we will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful and intelligent animals in the ocean: the orca. Known as the wolves of the sea, these highly social animals, are Iceland's apex marine predators, subsisting off a diet of fish, with herring being their favorite. Whether we see their iconic black fins glide through the blue ocean waves, as they herd fish close to the surface or we see them playfully frolicking together, the experience is sure to remain with you for the rest of your life. All the while, we indulge in the beautiful scenery with the picturesque Mt. Kirkjufell in the background. 

We also see other amazing marine and bird species, including white-tailed golden eagles swooping down to pick of fish, playful dolphins ducking in and out of the waves, along with flocks of gannets diving for fish on mass. All of which serves to make this stunning tour, ideal for nature lovers and pretty much everyone else. Seeing these incredible creatures in their natural habitat is a profound and awe-inspiring experience that will remain with you forever.

Tour Itinerary

We will depart from the idyllic village of Grundarfjörður, a small and picturesque place that is framed by steep mountains and is located on the beautiful Snaefellsnes Peninsula by Mount Kirkjufell. From there we will begin a magical journey that will hopefully allow us to see some of the most incredible species that the ocean has to offer, in their natural habitats. Our expert captains will use a combination of local knowledge and scientific research to take us to the very best place to see orcas, obviously it is impossible for us to guarantee that we will see some on the day that you go. However, we will do all we can to ensure that you see these majestic creatures in all their natural splendour while enjoying a scenic view of Snæfellsnes and Mount Kirkjufell.

If we are lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins, then we are in for an unforgettable day, as they glide effortlessly through the ocean, making ultrasonic sounds to herd the fish where they want them. Seeing them when they are not hunting is no less spectacular, as they playfully weave amongst the waves and bob their heads out of the water for all to see. We will always keep a safe distance from these magnificent creatures, so as not to bother them in their natural habitat.

Apart from orcas, there are a plethora of other amazing things on show, including white-tailed eagles swooping above our heads, gannets diving into the heaving herring shoals and dolphins ducking and diving in and out of the waves. By the time we return we will have seen a host of incredible wildlife, making this ideal for everyone.

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Read more about the Icelandic Orca

The Icelandic word for Orcas is ‘Háhyrningur' which roughly translates to ‘high horn', a reference to the proud dorsal fins that puncture the surface as they glide effortlessly through the ocean. There are around 400 individual orcas that have been cataloged in Iceland, making it an excellent place to see these majestic and intelligent creatures in the flesh. They are fish eaters and use a unique low- frequency whistle to herd herring near the surface, while they hunt.


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