Whale Watching Tour from Reykjavik

Guided Whale Watching Tour Around Faxaflói Bay in Iceland

This magical whale watching adventure will take us out onto the deep blue waters of Faxaflói Bay, which plays host to some incredible marine species, including Minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises and humpback whales. Seeing these majestic giants of the deep in the flesh, as they play amongst the waves, is one of the finest experiences that Iceland has to offer and a worthy entry to every bucket list. Don't worry, we will always maintain a safe distance, ensuring that we do not bother them. So, whether you are a nature lover or simply want to see something amazing, this tour should be just the one for you!

Tour Description

Our adventure begins at Reykjavik's historic old harbor, where our trusted partners (Elding) will welcome you at the red and white ticket office. This is right in the downtown area, so it should be easy to find. The Visitor Center is only about 150meters from the ticket office, complete with a small wildlife exhibition, a souvenir shop and a café. You will find it on board an old, refurbished fishing boat. Don’t forget to check out the wildlife exhibition we have set up down in the hull of the boat. Here, you will meet your expert guide and prepare for all the wonders that lie ahead.

Then we will board our traditional Icelandic vessel and embark on our journey to Faxaflói Bay, which plays host to a myriad of incredible whale species, including Minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises and humpback whales. Occasionally, we see orcas basking sharks, pilot whales, and sei whales. It's the ideal tour for anyone who wants to see these majestic giants of the deep in the flesh.

For the comfort of guests on board, we are happy to offer an extensive outdoors viewing patio; a warm lounge indoors with impressively long windows; a bathroom; and a cafeteria with a good range of snacks and refreshments.

Our experienced guides will take you through the whole whale watching process. First, they will introduce us to whales in general and tell us some of the interesting stories they have involving these beauties of the deep. They will also describe any species we encounter so that you know exactly what you are seeing.

Note: Whale watching is not an exact science and it is impossible to guarantee the precise things that we will see, however, our expert captain will take us to the spot that we are most likely to spot them, based on a combination of local knowledge, the season and scientific research. Our tours are run by people who have dedicated their lives to showing people these magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings, meaning that we will always maintain a safe distance, ensuring that we do not bother them.

Tip: Before or after the tour, if you have some free time, you can relax in one of the beautiful cafés in the Old Harbour, or visit the Whales of Iceland Exhibition on the next harbour to get an idea of just how big these beautiful giants actually are!

This awe-inspiring tour is the perfect way to see some of the most incredible marine life that the world has to offer, so if you are a nature lover, looking for the thrill of a lifetime, this may just be the one for you!

*This tour is operated by a trusted partner.

Important info regarding weather conditions & sightings

Please note that this tour is weather dependent, we cannot guarantee sightings, although we see something on the vast majority of our trips.

Weather and sea conditions can be unpredictable in winter and our expert captains will decide whether it is safe to sail based upon years of seafaring experience. Passenger safety is always paramount, and we will cancel the trip if we believe that there is any danger.

Whale sightings cannot be guaranteed, however, we will provide guests with a free ticket, if the tour fails to find anything.

We may sail from harbors in southern Reykjavik in winter if we believe that the prevailing sea conditions are better there. If this happens then we will provide transport for all passengers who are booked onto the trip, although it should be noted that this may make the trip slightly longer, due to increased travel times.

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~3 hours


All year

Age limit

No limit


10 990

What is included

  • Guided boat tour

  • Warm floatable overalls

  • WiFi on board

  • In case of no sightings - you get a FREE ticket to try again!

  • Access to our Whale Exhibition