Midnight Sun Whale Watching

Watching Whales in Sunset close to Arctic Circle

Midnight sun whale watching from Dalvik close to Akureyri the capital of North Iceland is a magical experience as in right condition you experience the constant daylight in Iceland during late May to early July. Being close to the arctic circle merely 30 miles shy the sun is always above horizon at 21st of June 2022. 

The Arctic Circle marks the southernmost point at which the center of the midnight sun is just visible on the June solstice. The region north of this circle is known as the Arctic, and the zone just to the south is called the northern temperate zone.

As seen from the Arctic, the Sun is above the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year (and therefore visible at midnight)

The set is within the picturesque landscape of Eyjafjordur as the majestic mountains of Tröllaskagi turn red in the sunset. 

When the conditions are right this is by far the most beautiful whale watching you can experience. Come join us and take the chance for a magical experience.

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2 hours


20th May - 10th July

Age limit

8 years



What is included

  • Whale Watching

  • Bird Watching

  • Speed Boat

  • Sunset in right conditions

  • Flotation suit

  • Max 12 persons