We've had 100% sightings on our tours since the 20th of May!

  • by Anna Lilja Lydsdottir
  • July 30, 2018

We are so pleased to announce that we still have 100% sightings success since the 20th of May 2018 and furthermore, we've seen 11 different types of species! We are absolutely speechless and so incredibly happy. We've enjoyed every minute of every tour and hope that it continues throughout the year!

We've had 100% sightings on our tours since the 20th of May!

Picture was taken on July 21st, 2018.

We are extremely happy about the success rate this summer - 100% since May 20th - and feel super lucky that these beautiful and magnificent creatures of the sea have graced us with their presence. The humpback whale was the most common but we've seen a total of 11 different species this summer, making it extra special. Words cannot express how excited we are to see how long we can go - crossing our fingers and hoping for the best throughout the rest of the year!

We encourage you to come and visit us in Dalvik and hopefully join on one of our adventures. To top it off, on the classic tour, we end the day with a barbecue of the freshly caught fish from our sea fishing session... yummy!

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